While road closures can be frustrating, the Wyoming Department of Transportation says ignoring them is not only dangerous it can delay the opening of the roads.

Agency spokesman Doug McGee says when WYDOT closes a road, it is because crashes or conditions have made the road impassible.

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"If you travel on a closed road, you risk becoming stuck or causing a crash," McGee said in a video posted on WYDOT's Facebook page.

McGee says WYDOT does its best to accommodate local traffic where possible during a closure event and as a result, you may see drivers passing the road closure gate, however, you should never travel on a closed road without explicit permission to do so.

"To safely and legally drive on a closed road, drivers must have clearance through WYDOT's Authorized Travel Program or permission from an onsite trooper working the gate," he said.

McGee says drivers who ignore closure signs can be fined up to $750.

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