Winter is the time when nature is allowed to once again dominate Yellowstone National Park. Very few travelers which means wildlife tend to roam all over the park. A driver on a snowy Yellowstone backroad recently encountered one lone howling black wolf blocking the road.

I first saw this shared by USA Today. It's a video that Deby Dixon shared on Facebook on Christmas day. Deby is a photographer and based on the USA Today story had spotted members of the Wapiti Wolf Pack previous to this lone wolf moment.

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It's actually kind of comical to say this is a lone wolf. He/she might be the only wolf you currently see, but it's likely there are others from the pack somewhere nearby in the woods. That's especially likely if this black wolf is a member of the Wapiti Wolf Pack as it's the largest wolf pack population in Yellowstone.

It's a credit to Deby that she respectfully kept her distance from this wolf and gave him/her the space instead of zooming by like we sadly see all the time during the spring and summer months.

If you don't already, make sure to follow Deby's photography work on Facebook and the Yellowstone's Wild World website. She obviously has some sweet photography skills and has captured some epic Yellowstone wildlife moments.

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