The folks at did a nice job on their best cheesy dish from each state. For the Cowboy State, they deemed our best food with cheese is Wyoming Chili.

Gourmandize also well judged Cincinnati Chili as Ohio's favorite, but that's hot dog chili smothered by cheese - nothing like chili in the Cowboy state.

In Wyoming we actually like to taste all the other things we put in our recipes – beans, and beef that could be bison, elk, deer, or most of the above. Whatever amount of cheese, we like it just spicy enough to warm us up in Wyoming winters.

The Cheesy dishes loved by our border states are:

Colorado - Goat Cheese on Lamb Burgers (“Whatev”)

South Dakota - Asparagus Casserole

Utah - Funeral Potatoes – aka Mormon Funeral Potatoes

Montana - Bison Burgers

Nebraska - Cheese Frenchee (Cheese sandwich, battered with crushed corn flakes and lightly fried.)

Cincinnati Skyline Chili Cheese Coney