The world is a bizarre place full of interesting and diverse cultures, as well as mind-blowing statistics.

For example, did you know the world’s biggest boozers live in Estonia, the world’s highest divorce rate is in South Korea and the wobbliest women live in Barbados?

Probably not, and neither did we for that matter — that is, until we discovered Economist magazine’s 2013 edition of ‘Pocket World in Figures.’

The book is a collection of facts and figures ranking everything from the biggest boozers to the fattest men, to who has the most Facebook fans, right down to who has the most expensive office space.

Thanks to the book, you can find all sorts of fun trivia to channel your inner Cliff Clavin, like Canada having the most computers per 100 people, with 124. Or South Korea leading the world with 4.6 divorces per 1,000 people.

Just think how much fun you’ll be at your next party. To see more click here.

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