If your heart strings haven't been tugged at lately, I can help you with that. I've found a story about an elementary school that raised money to buy their janitor a car.

Here's the story as shared by WSLS 10 about what Farmington Elementary in Germantown, Tennessee did for one of their friends in need.

Custodian Robert Reed didn't have a car. He rode the bus to his janitor job every day. According to their story, he would get off work at 3 pm, but wouldn't arrive home until around 7 pm as he had to take 3 different buses. He said sometimes teachers would take him to the bus stop to try and help him. Eventually, they decided they wanted to do something more.

The teachers and students started a Go Fund Me account and after 21 hours, they had already raised over $7,000. The concept was to teach the students when they see someone in need, they need to do something about it. Lesson learned.

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