They're annoying and cause issues yearly...

Fruit Flies

How To Punish Nasty Fruit Flies In Your Wyoming Kitchen

These nasty little creatures are the ones you'll find buzzing around your trash can, food on the counter, or your kitchen sink.

Why are they there, you ask?

Good question.

They are attracted to extra-ripe fruits and vegetables, drains, garbage disposals, empty bottles or cans, stinky rags or mops, or anything that gives off a smelly odor.

Before we move on, don't confuse fruit flies and gnats. The bugs flying around your kitchen are fruit flies, and the bugs flying around your face while you're in the garden or yard are gnats. They may look the same and maybe just as much of a pain in the backside, but they're not the same and need to be eliminated.

In this article, we're dealing with Fruit Flies.

The sooner you stop them, the easier it is to eliminate them. One way of stopping them is to prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place.

  • Clean up spills.
  • Store produce in the fridge or sealed container.
  • Wash produce when you buy it.
  • Empty the trash frequently.
  • Clean out your kitchen sink, drains, and garbage disposals regularly.
  • Take care of your dirty dishes and anything remaining on the counter.

If something happens, like you go on vacation, leave something on the counter, and return home with a kitchen stinking and full of fruit flies, you have options: DIY and those purchased at the store.

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