Our stock tank pool when I was a kid wasn't as nice as this one, but it got the job done on a hot summer day. The one we had was an actual stock tank for most of the year, but when summer hit, my grandpa turned it into a swimming pool.

Times are quite a bit different than when I was a kid. Being trendy is cool, and if you're going to be trendy, you may as well stay cool. @jeaniemarie.home on Instagram laid out all the steps and even gave you links to buy all the items they used. They added a pump system and deck, but that's not required. The pump will keep you from cleaning the tank as often as you may need to without it.

STEP 1: Pick up an 8ft Stock Tank from @tractorsupply


STEP 2: Level your pool site with paver sand. This also gives the pool a nice soft base to sit on.


STEP 3: Install the pool pump system. We used an Intex Pool Pump made for above ground pools. 🔗 I have this as well as the other connectors linked in my bio under my Amazon Storefront in the Stock Tank Pool section.


We drilled two holes into the side of the pool with a 2 3/4 in circular bit, this way we could connect the inlet and outlet hoses from the pool pump.


STEP 4: This part is optional, but we did build a deck around half of the pool so that we had a place to set our towels, drinks, snacks and a space to sit and hang out.


STEP 5: Fill up your new pool with filtered water, sanitize it with 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (instead of chlorine), run the pump for 24 hours.


STEP 6: Enjoy your new Stock Tank Pool


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