When I see Wyoming being used in video games, it makes me a little giddy. If you recall a few months ago there was a trucking simulator that featured Wyoming roads and sights in the game. Now there is another simulator game that features the Cowboy State.

The simulation is the Farming Simulator 22 which allows you to work the Elk Mountain Ranch in Wyoming.

Elk Mountain Ranch
Klutch Simulations via YouTube

The creator of the Farming Simulator is Elk Mountain Modding. The Farming Simulator gives you the opportunity to run your own farm/ranch without having to come up with the money to purchase the farm or even ever having to leave your house.

Simulator games have been around for many years maybe you've heard of 'The Sims', Madden NFL series, NASCAR Need For Speed and Airline Tycoon are all types of simulator games. This genre of gaming gives you the full life aspect of living out the roles of the games subject.

In Farming Simulator 22 you get to enjoy a wide array of options of  farming operations. It could be running the farm that focuses on agriculture, animals, forestry or another type of farm. You have to run the farm from the ground up and that includes buying equipment, supplies, heavy machinery and maintaining the wellbeing of the property and everything on it.

The Farming Simulator 22 community is large and offers many options to help you along with your farm, giving you the chance interact with others and find out what their strategies are for running their farm.

The simulators are constantly evolving and creators continually create new options and maps to add to the game so that there is always something new to keep your attention.

This YouTube video from Klutch Simulations shows a preview of how much detail was put into making sure the Elk Mountain Ranch resembles Wyoming all the way down to the mountains, landscape, weather and wildlife.

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