Elle King pulled out of radio concerts in Tampa, Detroit and Seattle this week, and in a statement shared on Thursday (Dec. 8), she reveals that an injury she sustained from an accident on a set of stairs led to her need to cancel those appearances.

Via Instagram Stories and her other social media pages, King first apologizes to fans for canceling her shows, saying she's also disappointed that she couldn't perform.

"Hey guys, Just wanted to check in with a quick update and apologize to my fans in Tampa, Detroit and Seattle,” she prefaces. ”I share your disappointment that I had to cancel my radio shows this week. No one ever wants to pull out of shows, especially me. I live for performing."

King recounts the harrowing accident that took place while she was preparing a bottle for her son, Lucky.

"I slipped down the stairs making a bottle in the middle of the night, knocked my a-- out, resulting in a concussion," she continues. "I tried to push and played 3 shows, but the travel, lights, all of it only exacerbated things."

She thanks the artists who took her place onstage and the radio stations for understanding the reasons for her cancelation.

“I wish you all happy and healthy holidays and I can’t wait to get back out next year and sing with you soon," she writes at the end of her letter to fans.

The version of the note shared to Twitter was received with well-wishes from fans and fellow singers. Cole Swindell commented, "Glad you’re ok! Rest up."

King has had a busy couple of years as she has been officially making her transition into country music. In 2021, she had a No. 1 in the genre with her duet with Miranda Lambert, "Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)." She has since released a collaboration with Dierks Bentley called "Worth a Shot" and multiple other singles, including "Try Jesus."

She will release her first full country album, Come Get Your Wife, on January 27, 2023.

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