As much as we love babies, there are times when they can be pure sources of terror. Unbearably adorable, charming, way-too-cute-to-get-mad at sources of terror, but terror-inducing nonetheless. In all honestly, we’re a little jealous these miniature munchkins can get away with virtually anything. If we stuck jelly beans up our nose or took it upon ourselves to redecorate the kitchen walls with Crayola, we’d be deemed citizens of Crazy Town, population: One.

But tots just roll on with their secretly devilish antics as though it’s no big deal, like the diabolical little cutie in the Evil Baby Meme. How does that scrunched-up face still suck us in after he’s admitted to sticking a fork in the VCR?!

Evil baby, you always win. Check out our favorite ‘Evil Baby’ memes below.