I have to admit that I used to get this wrong all the time, but it is a fact that only one of the Tetons is really grand. I'll explain.

I was reminded of this detail about the Tetons in a recent post on Wyoming Reddit. It was a cool pic of a cloud formation that the person said was over "the Grand Tetons". One guy corrected the person who posted with this comment:

Just for future reference, only the Grand itself is called Grand Teton.

When referring to the range, it’s just Tetons, no Grand.

When you refer to the Teton range, it is "the Tetons". The most prominent peak in the middle is Grand Teton. Quora has a very interesting article about how the Tetons (see? I wrote it right) got their name. Thanks to French explorers with a really good sense of humor and some wildly non-PC ways of dealing with women we have the Tetons naming scheme.

As I've stated before, my family (and especially my wife) has loved the Tetons for as long as I can remember. Long before we lived close enough to visit, my wife had desktop wallpapers on her phone and computer of these iconic peaks. Even recently, I've mistakenly referred to the range as "the Grand Tetons". Moving forward I will try to be more careful as only one peak is really Grand Teton. I feel better now.

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