If you're planning on flying in and out of Casper around the Eclipse, airport officials say you should plan on adding plenty of time to get there and get ready to go. Travelers who use the Casper/Natrona County International Airport are used to a fairly short commute compared to big city flying, but with the mass influx of people coming to town for the total eclipse, traffic could be major factor in getting to the airport on time.

The Airport posted this notice on their Facebook page:

"If you are picking up passengers on commercial aircraft this weekend or on the 21st, please leave enough time to get to the Airport. If you are flying out, particularly on the 21st, REALLY leave enough time to get to the Airport, check in for your flight, etc. If you are flying in on a private aircraft and plan to arrive on the 21st, and have not already made a reservation with Atlantic Aviation, you are probably out of luck. Landing reservations are full and we are very close, if not at, our parking capacity. For those who will be watching the Eclipse, enjoy! For those who have been working for months, if not years to plan for those who will be enjoying it, thank you!"

According to the Facebook post, Airport officials say they've been working with businesses at the Airport, government agencies, and others for more than a year. They're expecting hundreds of commercial passengers as well as close to 200 general aviation aircraft, most of those arriving between 5:45a.m. and 11:15a.m. on the day of the Total Eclipse.  The Airport will be issuing a "NOTAM" (Notice To Airmen) on the 21st between 11:15a.m. and 12:15p.m. for aircraft who have not requested prior permission to land. This does not pertain emergency, medical, or firefighting aircraft.

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