It would be a pleasant surprise to learn you have moose in your yard. Multiply that excitement for a family that realized a moose cow was giving birth before their very eyes.

In the western part of America, this is one of those possibilities of things you might witness someday. A homeowner called for help. Here's what the eyewitness said about how this moose birthday transpired:

I got a call to come to a new client's house urgently. I do professional organizing and own a thrift store. She needed help before leaving town so I came right away. I didn’t even notice the moose in the yard until we were done with our meeting and I grabbed my phone and the moose gave birth seconds later

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American Expeditions shared some moose facts including the likely birth month for most moose is late May to early June. They note that a newborn moose calf will weigh around 25 pounds from day 1.

This family was wise not to get near this moose cow or her calf. Even in a weakened state after giving birth, a moose cow will fiercely defend her young one. Considering they weigh up to 1800 pounds, you don't want to be on the wrong end of that kind of animal fury.

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