You've heard the number 22 used as a reference to the number of veterans who commit suicide every day. That means, every year, there are over 8,000 men and women who take their own lives.

Here in Wyoming, we have many veterans and many programs that offer support, services, and activities for them. On May 25th, a new event will take place in Casper.

The first-ever Casper Irreverent Warriors 'Silkies Hike will be an event open only to veterans, active duty, reservists, and National Guard members who are looking for support from a group of people who understand the struggles that you're going through.

Irreverent Warriors is a national organization with chapters nationwide, including in Casper. Its goal is simple: to ensure that veterans and military service members know they're not fighting their battles alone and that someone will be by their side every step.

Their mission statement is:

Bringing veterans together using humor and camaraderie to show support, improve mental health, and prevent veteran suicide.

Irreverent Warriors Silkies Hikes and events are not about increasing awareness. They are about veteran suicide PREVENTION. The connections made at our events and throughout our organization create lasting bonds and provide our military and veterans with a network of support, accountability, and camaraderie. We all experience dark times; our mission is to ensure our veterans don't have to fight their battles alone when those times come.

The hike will be just under 8 miles in and around Casper and is meant to be therapeutic and fun for veterans and active-duty military service members. It's not an athletic event, and all fitness levels are welcome. The hike will average 2 to 3 mph, with frequent stops for food, drinks, fellowship, conversations, and laughter.

The day will begin at 8 a.m. at the VFW on Bryan Stock Trail. The warriors will hike to different locations around Casper for several hours before returning to the VFW.

We ask ALL of our Veterans and Military Service Members to hike with us in this event!
We also ask family members, friends, and the community for their support and invite them to register as a volunteer or join us at the stops. Please cheer and/or honk if you pass our hikers on the route as they deeply appreciate your support.

You can get detailed information and register for the hike HERE or contact Irreverent Warrior Wyoming Coordinator Chad Griffin at 913.972.2285 or by email

Find out more about Irreverent Warriors and the fun of the Silkies Hike by checking out this video.

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