Casper, Wyoming may be one of the most charitable cities in the United States.

On any given day, you can find a fundraiser to make money for one of the many non-profit organizations in town. It's really incredible to see a city this size, showing love for so many people.

Supporting Veterans is another huge soft spot in Casper's heart. There are many organizations that give back to the men and women that fought for our country, and deserve anything we can do to help them out.

It's another reason why you should be proud to be a Wyomingite.

Since spring weather is finally here and many folks are chomping at the bit to get out and ride or take a drive, this event is for you.

Biker Bob's 4 Annual Charity Shine & Show and Swap Meet is happening Saturday May 13th at The Horseshoe Bar & Grill on Yellowstone Highway just west of Casper. It's a car/motorcycle show and a big swap meet that will benefit the American Infidels Motorcycle Club's Wyoming chapter, that ride in support of our Veterans.

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The event begins at 10am and will last until it's over.

When folks get together to support Veterans, you can't put a time limit on it, right?

Actually, the car/motorcycle show and swap meet will end at 3pm, but the party will continue through the afternoon.

You may be thinking that the rainy weather will stop the event, but you'd be wrong. Supporting Veterans is a rain or shine effort and that's exactly how it's going to be on Saturday.

There are multiple poker runs that will be using the event as a stop, or in the case of the Casper Shrine Club, it's where they'll begin and end theirs.

Biker Bob
Biker Bob

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