Last week an amazing ground breaking surgery was performed to replace the face of a man who was left deformed by a high voltage power-line accident.

Doctors are hopeful that the first full-face transplant in the U.S. will give hope to battle-scarred veterans of the Iraq and Afghan wars.

The ground-breaking surgery was performed last week at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, a teaching hospital associated with Harvard Medical School.

The patient, Dallas Wiens of Fort Worth, survived more than 15 hours of surgery by a team of doctors who attached an anonymous donor's nose, lips and skin to his facial muscles and nerves.

A news report prior to Dallas' surgery

Dallas' surgery was a success -

A follow up report from the UK on the 2nd Full Face Transplant in the world.

The Department of Defense financed the surgery in hopes that it will help future disfigured soldiers.

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