We've got some bad news for Ophidiophobics (that's people who are afraid of snakes): You might not want to go to Sandy Beach anytime soon. That's because beach-goers were recently surprised (and some, terrified) by a rattlesnake that seemingly came out of the water and stalked sunbathers for a short amount of time.

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That's according to an eye-witness who was there and happened to film the terrifying reptile as it stalked its victims (or just, like, slithered up the beach and didn't actually bother anybody).

Olivia Liles, owner of Limitless Salon said she and a friend were just playing in the lake, minding their own business when they heard a woman shout that there was a rattlesnake on the beach!

"We were in the water when some lady was like, 'There's a rattlesnake!' and me and my friend were like, 'What?'" Liles told K2 Radio News. "Because we didn't really hear her, and then she said it again and we were like, 'WHAT??' It came out of the water and slithered onto the beach and onto our stuff and then slithered away."

Liles said that nobody was injured as a result of this attack, but just imagine if the lady hadn't seen it, and then one of them went to get a beer out of a cooler and the snake jumped out, like when the black mamba attacked Bill's brother in Kill Bill.

Could you imagine??

We can't and, truth be told, we don't want to. We're sure that, in most cases, snakes won't bother you unless you bother them, but it's still scary okay?

Video of the attack (and by attack we mean the snake literally not bother anything or anybody) can be seen below:

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