Do you love trivia games?  Finding out random bits of information?

Here are five random facts to help you get through your day, or that you can use to impress your friends - or not...

1.  The mascots on kids' cereal boxes, like Tony the Tiger, are drawn so their eyes are looking slightly DOWNWARD.  That's a sales trick to make sure that if the boxes are on a high or middle shelf at the grocery store, the mascot is making eye contact with kids.

2.  The most popular salad dressing in the U.S. is . . . RANCH, by far.  Blue cheese is second.

3.  There's only ONE PIG in the entire country of Afghanistan.  His name is Khunzir and he's in the Kabul Zoo.  Since it's an Islamic country where they don't eat pork and aren't even allowed to TOUCH pigs, there's no need for any other pigs.

4.  In the "X-Men" movie in 2000, the mansion where Professor Xavier lived and trained his mutant students is the same mansion where they filmed "Billy Madison".  It's called Parkwood Estate, and it's just outside Toronto.

5.  Not a single NBA player has ever had the jersey number 69.

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