My Mom would have killed me!  Let's hope this classy young lady's parents are a little more forgiving, and that they can quickly get to the bottom of this.

Faculty at Lake Norman High School in North Carolina are in the running for this year's "Worst Proofreader Award," after letting a picture, allegedly depicting a member of the graduating class lifting her gown and leaving nothing to imagination, get published in the high school yearbook. 

As you might expect, parents were outraged and teenage boys were scrambling to get their hands on copies, which had been sold to families of the students for $100.

Also as you might expect, accused officials were quick to make their own assessments.  

The district’s public information officer, Dawn Creason, told the news channel that the photo was probably an accident.

She suggested the bare genitals may just be an illusion created by the girl pushing her thighs together.

'We think it was the way she was sitting and the angle of her gown,' she said. 'We’re not convinced that you’re seeing what you think you are.'

They're continuing to monitor the situation very closely in North Carolina. We're just dying to know this girl's grades in anatomy.

Thank you once again U.K. Daily Mail for bringing these things to our attention. Thongs butt no thongs!