There is a reason why Yellowstone is one of the most-watched shows on television these days. Season 3 ended with some dramatic cliffhangers. A friend of an extra who's currently involved in season 4 filming has shared some potential spoilers about what we might see happen on the show.

Keep in mind this is just a conversation on Reddit. No one directly connected with the show has confirmed any of this.

SEASON 4 Spoilers from r/YellowstonePN

As we previously shared, season 4 of Yellowstone is currently being filmed near Missoula. We have also confirmed that they were looking for lots of extras for this upcoming season. If this poster is correct, John and Beth survived the end of season 3, but Jimmy did not.

Cole Hauser said before the season 3 finale aired that it would leave fans shocked. That's exactly what happened.

The rumor is we'll finally learn the fate of these characters sometime early next summer as the word is season 4 of Yellowstone will debut in June of 2021. The good news is that it doesn't seem that Kevin Costner's Yellowstone is gonna end anytime soon as the show's creator has already envisioned how and when it will end and that's not season 4.

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