Yellowstone's season 3 finale was a stunner. As work begins on season 4, I've learned some tasty new facts about why actors are being quarantined and when we might actually see season 4 debut.

AmoMama shared details of what they've heard about Yellowstone season 4 including the fact that actors are being asked to quarantine. They report that since many actors on the show make Los Angeles home and it's been a pandemic hot spot, health officials have recommended that all actors quarantine for 2 weeks. They also share that the show's producers will have frequent testing on the set of Yellowstone moving forward.

What about the Yellowstone season 3 cliffhangers including which characters are alive and who's not?

The million dollar question is when will we actually get to watch season 4. Good Housekeeping estimates that the likely debut month will be June of 2021 based on the fact that season 3 debuted on June 21 of this year. I have to wonder if production might be a little slower this year with the pandemic restrictions, but summer is a popular time for series debuts so perhaps their theory is correct.

All we can do is guess at this point, but we do know for a fact that Yellowstone is now only filmed at Chief Joseph Ranch near Darby, Montana and casting has been ongoing near Missoula. Hopefully we'll get to see the fruits of this labor on our TV's sooner rather than later.

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