It's official. From this point forward, the super-popular TV series "Yellowstone" will only film in Montana based on an announcement made today.

KPAX is reporting that the producers of "Yellowstone" are moving production of the series from Utah to Montana exclusively. Here's their declaration as reported by KPAX:

The production secured a 40,000 square foot space on over 100 acres in Missoula, though the exact location wasn’t disclosed.

By the way, we think we know the filming location since the Chief Joseph Ranch has reported that film crews are there. That makes a lot of sense as we just reported there's a casting call for "Yellowstone" happening in Missoula soon.

Last year, we asked our audience if they preferred one of Wyoming's all-time favorite TV series "Longmire" or the new "Yellowstone". After over a year of voting, "Yellowstone" has almost surpassed "Longmire" in popularity based on vote totals.

The creator of Yellowstone recently said that he knows how the show will end, but don't expect that for a few more seasons.

There's no doubt that Kevin Costner and the rest of the cast have a massive hit on their hands. Now, you won't have to travel nearly as far to be a part of it if you can make the casting call cut.

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