A few years ago, I began my time with you explaining that my last name really is Holliday. The "Doc" nickname got added later, but yes I was born a Holliday and yes, I am a real life descendant of John Henry "Doc" Holliday of Tombstone fame. It's important to me that you understand how much my family appreciates you.

I was way back in 2018 that I first introduced myself to you. I'm not one that enjoys talking or writing about me. Frankly, I find myself way less interesting than talking about you and your life. But, in this case, I'll make one last exception because this is all about family.

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Even though this is my last day with you here in Casper, it's not and ending. It's truly a new beginning. For Prairie Wife, she will continue to carry the torch and I expect she'll be joined by a new voice way more fun than me in the very near future. Don't go anywhere. For me, it will be a return to the part of America where the rest of my family resides. You don't get to hear from them, but please know how much they appreciate YOU. Yes, you. From afar, they have admired the honorable way you have interacted with me and this radio station. Unfortunately in this world, that's not common. You are unique and special.

I should also add that I'm not big on goodbyes. Frankly, I hate them. That's why I won't say that here. I'll check in every now and then and I'll be staying in touch with Prairie Wife and the family here. You might even see me share weird things wildlife do every now and then. Plan on it.

From the Holliday family to you and yours, thank you. And, happy trails until next time.

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