The next full moon over our heads will be special. It will be a true lunar eclipse, but there's a catch for those of us who live in Wyoming.

According to Time and Date, the full moon on January 10 will also be a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses tend to be epic since the moon turns red. That's all fine and good, but don't get too excited if you live in our neck of the woods.

Time and Date says that the lunar eclipse in January will be visible across "much of North America". But, if you look at their eclipse map, you'll notice we are completely in the white part which means no eclipse for us.

Time and Date
Time and Date

There is some good news in this lunar eclipse reveal. While we'll miss out on the January lunar eclipse, there should be a spectacular lunar eclipse completely visible over Wyoming July 4, 2020. Fireworks and a lunar eclipse could be a sweet combination.

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