It's not easy being Chad Prather. He's busy being funny, running for office and planning for his show at the Casper Events Center. He has some new things planned for you during that appearance.

We visited with Chad about what it's like being Chad and how life is treating him during this pandemic.

Chad became famous way back when for his pickup truck conversations on Facebook. Nowadays he's quite partial to sharing pet videos...his kind of pets.

Chad explained how he's been spending his time during the pandemic.

Chad Prather - "Well, we have a show we call The Chad Prather Show the last couple of years...on Blaze TV which is a lot of fun...the coronavirus stuff kinda slowed us down, but we're back on the road full force. Actually, because of that it's been a good thing...we were kinda forced to focus on next year and what shows are gonna look like."

Chad has some specific extra things planned for Casper.

Chad Prather - "Coming back to Casper's gonna be a lot of fun. We're bringing some more musicians with us and it's gonna be adding more comedy, more music, more laughs, stuff that people can really relate to cause I actually have an album coming out later this summer called 'Y'all Shut Up' and it has 8 original songs on it that are comedy songs...and people are gonna get a full dose of it Thursday night in Casper."

Chad is a renaissance man of sorts. Not only is he a comedian, but also running for office based on his recent Facebook page.

The best way to keep up with Chad is follow him at You will definitely not want to miss him in Casper at the Events Center Thursday night. There are only limited tickets as it will be set up for safe distancing. Chad is convinced that you need a night out with him and we don't disagree.

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