I met my husband in the Cheyenne Frontier Days Beer Tent the Summer of 2001.

It's a typical Wyoming love story, a young impressionable city girl falling for a cute Cowboy in Wranglers.

Gary Allan's fourth album "Alright Guy" had just been released and his songs from "Smoke Rings in the Dark" were receiving heavy airplay.

My now husband (then boyfriend) was working road construction at the time, and we were often apart for weeks at a time. When I was able to break away from school (proud UW alumni here) and work, I hit the road and drove hundreds of miles on Wyoming's highways to spend a few moments with my cowboy. I had two favorite CD's (Gary Allan's "Alright Guy" and "Smoke Rings in the Dark") to keep me company on those lonely miles where no radio can reach you.


To this day "Right Where I Need to Be" still takes me right back to the days of eating a hot box burrito from the gas station and driving for over an hour without seeing anything but antelope.

And even now, when I hear "Alright guy" it makes me snort and think about those first years of dating where you're trying to find that balance between having fun with your friends, and giving enough attention to your relationship...and those silly fights about absolutely nothing important.


Seventeen years and five kids later I still get mushy when I hear Gary Allan sing "Life Ain't Always Beautiful."

Isn't it funny how certain songs or albums can take you back in time?

What songs or albums take you back to another time?

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