I may not be the smartest man, but I recognize geniuses when I see them. The rednecks that built this sweet go kart snow sled are definitely geniuses.

I have professed my love and admiration before for Grind Hard Plumbing Co on YouTube before. They are the same dudes that put the big engine in the Barbie car. These are the guys who know how to combine regular non-dangerous life objects and big engines. Like I said, redneck geniuses. If you watch the entire video, the Barbie car makes a cameo if you look close enough.

At the beginning of the video, you'll see that this is really a mini-Camaro with a 500cc engine. The strip down and application of snow tires is just for a proper outdoor "test". Yes, that's code for rednecks driving around and doing wild things on wheels in the outdoors.

This video is one of the reasons these guys have over 657,000 subscribers on YouTube and the admiration of fellow rednecks like me. Brilliant work, my Idaho friends.

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