Never underestimate the redneck ingenuity of our friends in Idaho. One of our brothers there put a dirt bike engine in a Barbie Jeep and this is the result.

Grind Hard Plumbing Co (I don't want to know why they chose that name) shared these juicy details about their project on their YouTube share:

This is our Power Wheels Barbie Jeep off-road go kart with a CRF 450 dirt bike engine.

If you check their LinkedIn page, you'll see they call Sandpoint, Idaho home. That explains a lot. Give northern Idaho people any type of engine and they'll find something strange to put it in. Fact.

This is not an inexpensive project. If you've ever looked for one of these dirt bike engines on Ebay, you know they cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, watching the results from these guys is free.

From what I can gather, they took this highly-powered Barbie sled to Canada to shoot this video. Well played, northern Idaho friends. Please always keep being you. We will always be entertained.

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