Well, this is interesting. It's like being at a party or a bar when a couple of bros start pushing each other then one gets the bright idea to throw a punch, hoping that they'd be broken up, but no one wants to break it up, now they have to actually throw down. All you can think as you watch on is, I hope they don't fight their way over here. I'm not about to have my drink spilled.

It's kind of like that, at least.

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But in this case, the bros are two bull moose, the bar is the Grand Tetons and you are a massive bull elk. These massive moose were having a go of it and rocking each other back and forth trying to get their spar on when everyone in the woods had to stop and watch.

Here, check out the video for yourself. It's pretty impressive.

Now that's a battle.

I'm sure they were really just kind of having fun, but they were going at it. And I can't stop laughing at the giant bull elk that was peering downhill. He was so interested in the battle. I wonder if he thought he could take them. I mean, elk are super mean compared to moose, but I wouldn't want to fight with either at our theoretical party.

This is why I love Wyoming, stuff like this doesn't happen anywhere else in the country.

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