The Nicolaysen Art Museum has launched a new exhibit titled "Year Of The Woman".

It features six female artists, including Ginny Butcher, who lives locally in Glenrock Wyoming.

Ginny's exhibit is titled "Chasing The Light: A Plein Air Summer"

In this exhibition, Ginny explores the challenge of painting the ephemeral nature of light outdoors. Each painting is created alla prima (or all at once) and rarely changed once back in the studio.


Ginny Butcher

When we reached out to Butcher and asked her how she created her exhibit from her hundreds of paintings, she was happy to share her process.

This summer I kept a stack of canvas panels, my easel, paint bag, and dry box (for carrying wet paintings) in the back of my car. I planned my painting locations ahead of time in order to save as much time as I could, in finding a place to paint. I also decided I would not be too picky about finding the perfect scene, but would try my best to make a good painting no matter the place or the conditions.

Ginny Butcher

The paintings in Chasing The Light represent some of the best from those endeavors. I used this smaller size canvas because I like to paint alla prima, or all at once. My plein air paintings are what I call a bit raw. They aren’t polished. I’ve just tried to convey the feel of the place without getting too picky about unnecessary details that a studio painting might have. I rarely make any changes to them once back in the studio. I do always hope I’ve captured the essence of the scene, while out there chasing the light.

The exhibit's reception is open to the public and is January 31st, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm at the Nicolaseyn Art Museum. Admission is free. The evening includes artist talks from the six featured amazing female artists, light hors d'oeuvres, and a cash bar.

You can learn more about the five other female artists that are a part of the Nic's "Year of the Woman" exhibit by checking out their event on Facebook.

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