It's not uncommon to see photographers dotting the landscape of Yellowstone.

You can see them standing along the roads, walking the trails, and camping out for days on end to get just the right picture.

But, have you ever seen a sculptor standing in the middle of the park molding his clay and creating artwork with his wildlife subject right in front of him?

Travel Wyoming recently shared a video that shares the story of artist George Bumann.

George Bumann is passionate about wildlife and even holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in wildlife ecology.

He travels into Yellowstone year-round to observe the wildlife in their natural habitats.

"To me, wildness is the complete breadth and width of nature at its full glory"

In the video, Bumann talks about the emotion that the wilds of Wyoming bring up, and then explains that he then channels them into his artwork.

From sitting on the side of a windblown hill to carrying a pedestal and clay through several feet of snow Bumann isn't afraid to put the work in to capture his subjects perfectly.

Wyoming wildlife lovers will see all of their favorite animals represented in Bumann's work.

Wolves, Bison Bears, Ture Elk, and Moose can all be found in his gallery of work.

I particularly love the personality that you can see in his statues, from the playful "Yoga Bear" to the majestic "The White Lady" his work truly conveys the range of emotions he talked about in his video.

There are also several statues of the quintessential Wyoming cowboy and even some sculptures of the flora we can find around the state.

If you'd like to learn more about Bumann's art you can watch this TEDx talk.

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