Our regular readers know that my five kids and I can be found frolicking (okay maybe sometimes trudging) though the mountains year-round.

Now that the snow has melted (for the most part) we are already planning trips to local trails, and I thought there might be other families thinking about doing the same thing.

If this is your first year attempting to hike some of Wyoming's amazing trails with children, it can be overwhelming to know what you should bring along.

Here is a list of what we bring along for our hikes.

Keep in mind my children are ages 5-14 years old, so if you have younger children in diapers or that need a sippy cup or bottle, you'll need to pack those items too.

What to Take On A Family Hike In Wyoming

Another pro hiking mom tip is to rotate the backpack.

Sometimes it can be a bit rough to have only one kid carry the backpack, so I often rotate and make each kid take a turn.

Allow even the youngest kids to help by having them take their turn towards the end when the water and snacks are gone and the backpack is lighter.

If you take a pet, make sure you pack ziplock bags for waste. Many trails don't have garbage along the way so you need to take it back down with you.

Also, make sure to leave no waste behind, if you pack it in...pack it out.

Below are links to a few of the items that may be hard to find.

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