Let me start out by saying, this is not the definitive list of what you MUST wear to the CNFR.

After all, this IS Wyoming. So, pretty much anything goes around here!

But, if you're looking for a little outfit inspiration for this year's CNFR, we have exactly what you need.

The first thing I did was ask you what you plan to wear to the CNFR. I knew that asking for GIF responses would make things a little silly, but I was actually surprised how many of you found the perfect responses!

Brandi's GIF of booties and a floral dress was especially impressive. Lauren's red, white, and blue decked out cowboys were a big hit. Perhaps 'Merica is going to be a fashion trend this year?

Honestly, this post is mostly for the ladies.

Guys, all you need is a nice clean button up shirt (any pattern or color will do), a belt, cowboy boots, and of course a clean (or at least mostly clean) pair of jeans.

Speaking of guys and their jeans...I feel like we could dedicate a whole new post to the question of what's the best way to wear your jeans.

Starched and creased or however they came out of the dryer (or off the floor)?

Gals, we all know this is a bit more complicated for us.

Horses make me cry, but I've lived in Wyoming for 20 years. This gives me enough "street cred" to wear jeans and cowgirl boots...and maybe a button up shirt. But, I definitely can not get away with a big blingy belt and a cowgirl hat. That's why I'm a huge fan of what I call "Western Boho Chic".

I adore the dress and cowgirl boots look, yet with the Wyoming wind, you need to be cautious with this one ;)

Shorty shorts with long lace cardigans or fringe vests and booties (a type of shoe for those of you that have your minds in the gutter) are adorable and totally on trend.

Another great look is a fun sassy t-shirt with cute cowgirl jeans, boots, and a bold print long length cardigan.

And let's not forget the accessories!

From layers of long beaded necklaces to leather wrap bracelets and blinged out earrings, I say the more sparkle you have on the better.

Don't forget we have plenty of local boutiques and shops located in Downtown Casper that are sure to have everything you need for the perfect CNFR look.

In the end, we all know it's not about what you wear, but how much fun you have cheering on those Cowgirls and Cowboys.

If you're at the CNFR make sure you take time to stop by the My County van and chat with us.

Don't forget to tag @MyCountry955 in your Instagram pics so we can see how good you look, and how much fun you're having.

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