It turns out that you can add even more years to your life by owning a dog.

According to this article, there are many health benefits of owning a dog.

On average people who own dogs...

  • Have lower blood pressure
  • Are less likely to be obese
  • Exercise more
  • Have healthier blood sugar levels

All of this combined with better overall cardiovascular health for dog owners means that you can add years to your life expectancy.

For those of us that are already dog lovers, this is really no surprise.

After all, having a dog forces you to get off the couch at least a few times a day, maybe not for a long walk, but any movement is good for you.

And I dare you to resist your sweet pup when they grab a pair of your sneakers and beg you with their eyes to hit the pavement or local trails.

Let's dive even deeper and talk about the mental health benefits of owning a dog.

Not only are dog owners less likely to suffer from depression, but petting and snuggling your pup has been proven to produce stress releasing happy hormones.

If you already own a dog you can pat yourself on the back for making the right choice for your health.

If you want to own a dog, feel free to use all of this scientific data above to help persuade your loved one that it's a good idea!

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