Living in Wyoming, you know winter driving can really suck. Snow, ice, black ice, no traction, crashing and getting stuck are all concerns that go through many peoples heads every year.

One way to combat many of these concerns is to have tires that are great on the snow. Having good tread and tires that are built for the cold and snow are important choices to give you better odds of being safe driving during winter conditions.

One of the options we have in Wyoming, is studded winter tires. Wyoming is one of just six states that has zero restrictions for using studded tires.

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If you're wondering what the heck 'studded snow tires are', it's really exactly what you'd think. They are snow tires that have metal studs places in the rubber of the tire. The metal studs give you more traction on ice covered roads.

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Here's the problem with studded tires, though. When there isn't snow and ice on the road, the studs can damage roads. Just because they're legal to use, doesn't mean you should use them all the time.

What may be better, is to get a regular set of snow tires. These tires are built to travel in the winter conditions we have for quite a few months here in Wyoming. Especially in the mountain areas.

Snow Tire
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The way you can tell for sure that you have snow tires, is making sure you look for the proper symbol on your actual tire. If you pay attention to your tires, they'll tell you exactly what they're good for.  When you see the mountain with a snowflake in the middle, you'll know for sure you've got snow tires.

Snow Tire symbol
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Now is a good time to start thinking about the tires you'd like to be using this winter. Doing it BEFORE it snows it a great idea. If you need a little more help, check out these videos.

The first video compared studded tires to snow tires, the second video compares snow tires and all-weather tires.

Good luck in your winter tire shopping.

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