Governor Matt Mead joined 12 other Governors in promoting wider use of natural gas. The Governors sent a letter to automakers requesting information on procuring natural gas vehicles for state vehicle fleets. The states are gathering the information to develop a multi-state solicitation, which will likely be forthcoming later this summer.

“For many Americans, high gasoline prices create a financial strain in an already difficult economic environment, As governors, we share the concerns of citizens and are committed to finding solutions.Wyoming and other states need to buy vehicles for our fleets. If we can aggregate our purchasing power in order to get natural gas vehicles it will build momentum for the production of these cars and trucks, This joint effort makes sense fiscally. It also makes sense practically given Wyoming’s role as the number 2 natural gas producing state in the country. We want to encourage others in private industry to build infrastructure and convert their own fleets.”

The Governors’ letter also notes that natural gas presents a tremendous opportunity for America to use domestic resources for the country’s transportation needs.

The states involved in this effort are Wyoming, Oklahoma, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Utah, Maine, New Mexico, West Virginia, Kentucky, Texas, Ohio, Mississippi and Louisiana.