Casper police publicly shared video on Friday depicting a deadly shootout between police and a man who reportedly took a woman hostage.

WARNING: The video depicts a deadly shooting. Viewer discretion is advised. It may take a few moments to load. 

According to a statement released shortly after the August 11, shooting police were called to an apartment in the 2200 block of South Jefferson for a reported kidnapping.

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Police said Friday that the suspect was demanding $250 for the woman's release.

When officers arrived, they were fired upon after entering the residence. Officers returned fire and safely evacuated several people inside the residence.

In the video shared Friday, police are shown outside trying to enter the building. They call out but they aren't given a response. Officers regroup and enter the building using a battering ram.

As officers are inside the apartment, they walk into a living room and tell those inside it to show their hands. Then, they begin to enter a bedroom. As officers continue to call out, a single gunshot is heard. Then police return fire.

According to the statement in the video, the initial shot nearly hit an officer in his face. After police returned fire, a woman, later determined to be a hostage, suffered a wound. A man in the room suffered a "critical" head wound.

It was later determined that the man was using the woman as a human shield, police say.

Police say the woman was hit by fragments from police bullets.

Following the shooting, police said that a hostage was shot and injured.

The officers involved in the shooting were placed on administrative leave.

Casper Police Chief Keith McPheeters called the incident "unusually complicated."

He said that the video wasn't released for nearly three months as doing so early could have interfered with the investigation.

1 Arrest Made, Other At Large 

Natrona County Investigations Sgt. Taylor Courtney said 23-year-old Darren Monroe was arrested on recommended charges of kidnapping and robbery. Another suspect, Kaylo Woolitz, has not been apprehended.

Courtney said a nationwide arrest warrant has been issued for Woolitz.

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