Do you ever get the urge to be down right mean and rotten at this time of year?  Good, then me too.

I believe there is a part in all of us that wants to be mean to those who have wronged us over the year.  But, we fight back that urge to be mean, because we're afraid of what others will think of us, if we are (mean that is). has posted a list of gifts as ways to get even with an Ex or someone you dis-like during the holidays.  The list of gifts are passive-agressive, yet some are pretty funny!

(Obviously, this list could also serve at a guide of things NOT to buy for people you DO care about.)

A Self Help Book

It will be obvious you're intent is to insult the recepient, but if you're really out to be mean - make it a diet book or a workout video.

Any Hair Removal Device

This is offensive to both for men and women. But if you want to add the cherry topper to this gift, Gawker suggests adding a box of smile whitening, Crest White Strips. I say - Brilliant!!

A Dating Site Subscription

You'd have to have someone on your BAD side to give them one of these.  That or you just don't give a rats-a$% if they think you are the most evil person on the face of the planet!

Subscription to a Bad Magazine

"Cat Fancy" comes to mind as a good choice, especially if they hate cats.  Or in the case of your ex (or a hated single gal), you might choose a wedding magazine and a note that says, "I have a feeling this could be your year!"


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