There's a really good chance you're already tired of Christmas shopping. I am and I haven't even been yet.

Statistics show that going shopping to find those perfect gifts can be as stressful as running a marathon and may increase your heart rate by a whopping 33%. 60% of shoppers have festive shopping fatigue just 30 minutes after beginning, but head out year after year to torcher themselves.

One way to avoid the stress of stores and crowds, is to take advantage of Cyber Monday shopping. You can shop from your couch, office, bed or kitchen table and not have to worry about the difficulties associated with in person shopping.

The best part with shopping online is that you can get deals at stores you may not have the option to walk in to, living in Wyoming, and still shop at your favorite local stores. Since most shops, boutiques and Wyoming themed stores have options for online shopping, you can get it all done through your computer of phone.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for clothing, shoes, fishing or hunting gear, beauty supplies or décor, shopping online is available.

Cyber Monday sales are usually better than those you find on Black Friday, but you can get deals on just about everything you're looking for. TV's, tablets, kitchen, furniture, video game consoles, headphones, phones and other tech devices are all the major items that you could score big savings on for Cyber Monday.

With just a few weeks left until Christmas and the shipping issues we've all seen, if you're looking to shop online, make sure you're leaving enough time for your packages to get here. has put together quite a few of the big Cyber Monday deals for you. Check them out here.

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