Platte County School District #2 in Guernsey raised a real chunk of change Monday. They rented out spots on their football field for the eclipse to more than 600 people. 10-yards by 10-yards spots were going for $100 each.

School Superintendent Mike Beard said the spots sold out in a day, and they made more than $15,000 total. See some congratulatory facebook comments.

As planned, Guernsy had many committed residents pitching in on the project, which involved two concession stands. They also offered meals in the cafeteria at specific times. The school bathrooms were open. And kids, admitted free, were also allowed on the school playground free.

The money will go toward the students, for new equipment and jerseys for the football team.

Photo by Mike Beard, PCSD
Photo by Mike Beard, PCSD

Platte County School District #2 serves about 230 students in grades K-12. The whole town of Guernsey totals a little over 1,000 people. The town was once a rest stop on the Oregon Trail. The historic sign at Register Cliff notes the first “whites” were seen there.

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