I'm not sure this was exactly something that would be described as a good idea. A guy decided he would play a cute paw game with a wolf. The wolf didn't seem to want any part of it and responded with a blood-curdling growl.

It needs to be pointed out that this wolf has been in captivity since he was a pup. But, I still don't think I would have even dreamed of doing what this guy did. Make sure you have your sound turned up. You'll thank me later.

Here's how this guy explained his decision to get up-close-and-personal with this big boy:

It is a game that we have played since Nahkato was a puppy. I bottle raised him and his sister from 5 days old.

The guy says that the wolf likes this game. If that's true, I'd hate to hear what he sounds like if he's mad.

It's true that Nahkato is part of a wild animal sanctuary. But, Gizmodo did an interesting article about how dangerous wolves are when they're raised like regular dogs...and I quote:

wolves are wild animals, more independent, hard to control, hard to manage

With that in mind, I'm gonna say a big nope to putting my face up next to a wolf's muzzle while I play with his paws. I kinda like my cheek bones the way they are and without any wolf scars.

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