The McMurry family has touched so many lives and with Mick's recent passing there is an empty spot in the hearts of many throughout Wyoming.

Mick touched so many lives through his care and generosity and made so much possible for businesses and charities across the region. Mick will be honored through a special gesture at Mick's service on Tuesday, March 17th.

At 2:00pm at the Casper Event Center, the public is invited to display a "Hand Chain" for all the lives he's impacted in Wyoming - we're hoping to have thousands of folks join in - and we need your help! If you would consider participating, we know it would mean so much to Mick's family and so many others in our community.

The Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming will be collecting the 'Hand Prints' and ask that you cut out each print and include the person's first name, age, and organization affiliation (if any). See the example above if you need direction.

The Boys and Girls Club will need to have these hand prints by Monday, March 16th before 3:00pm at the Boys & Girls Club (1701 E. K Street) and our staff will string them together for the service.

Thank you all for helping honor Mick and his family in this way and a huge thank you to the Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming for leading the way.

For more info, please contact Ashley Bright - 235-5694