You're a Yellowstone bear. You've been hibernating all winter. You come back out into the world now that it's Spring. What do you do first? If you're this Yellowstone Grizzly, you play in the snow.

The YouTube description tells the story of how this video happened:

The video was taken on Monday on the Eastside of Yellowstone National Park. The Grizzly was down on a creek bottom just playing around so I stopped and videoed her.

I didn't know that foot chewing was such a fun thing to do, but that's what this female Grizzly is all about. Roll around in the snow, chew on the foot, rinse and repeat.

If I were this Grizzly, I'd be watching out for traps as I saw East Idaho News mention that Yellowstone biologists will be trapping bears and applying radio collars between now and July.

Until then, time for some more foot chewing and rolling around in the creek bottom.

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