Despite living in Wyoming for 21 years, I continue to be amazed by how much I love this state.

In that time I have often learned that just because I've traveled all over the state doesn't mean that I've seen it all.

About a week ago a good friend invited me to go on a road trip/hike with her to Esterbrook, Wyoming.

I had never heard of this tiny town, and I asked her how far away it was from our home in Glenrock.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that it's actually located only a little more than an hour away from us.

After spending an entire morning driving up and down the dirt roads (stopping numerous times to hop out and take pictures) and hiking Medicine Bow National Forest, I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful place and had to share it with you.

Esterbrook, Wyoming Fall 2020

Esterbrook was founded in 1896 as a mining city and is named after Esterbrook Creek.

The creek was named after Mrs. Esther Cooper, a local settler.

Esterbrook is currently home to around 58 people, many of whom live there year-round.

It is also home to many quaint cabins and a beautiful church.

If you haven't visited this tiny hidden town, there is still time to get there before the snow gets too deep. Trust me, you won't regret it.

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