It can be a lonely job being a Locomotive Engineer.

Hour upon hour traveling across the vastness of the United States to deliver energy and products to every single citizen of this nation.

But like all things in life, being a Locomotive Engineer is what you make of it.

Alan Nash is a Locomotive Engineer on the Nebraska-Wyoming state line, and he often works the night shift. As the hostility towards the energy industry has grown over the years, Nash has felt the impact on not only his morale but the ability of him and his coworkers to provide for their families.

But, rather than bemoan the hard parts of his job, Nash chooses to embrace the beauty that he sees.

His pictures capture everything from late-night star gazing to pictures of the vast open prairies of Wyoming, where you can almost feel the breeze and smell the sage.

Nash shares the beauty he sees with his Twitter followers, which is where I found him.

Alan Nash
Alan Nash

Nash's Twitter account is @VernChronicles, and on it, he shares little pieces of his life both on and off the tracks.

When I asked him for permission to share his pictures with you, he graciously said yes, and was more than happy to give me a little insight into why he shares so much of his life with "strangers" on the internet.

I want people to see the we are all regular folks that do what we need too to keep our families safe and cared for, and we do it by breaking our backs for the rest of the country. We take care of business and take care of what puts food on our tables and gets our children through college and so on. This is a beautiful beautiful place we live in and I want people to know that!! Not to think we just dig up coal and suck oil and natural gas out of the ground and leave it a mess. I want people to be jealous of what we have and see every single day…they can have their big cities. We’re providers out here, not just for our families but every family in this country…we’re good hard working folks…period.

In the gallery below, I've used the tweets that were shared along with his pictures to describe what you're seeing.

Wyoming, Seen Through The Eyes Of A Locomotive Engineer

Alan Nash is a cartoonist, member SCBWI-Illustrator, Locomotive Engineer, and a sunrise and sunset chaser. You can find more of his work on his Twitter account @VernChronicles

If you like what you saw, you can follow Nash on Twitter.

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