It's usually around election time that some folks always say, "that's it, I am moving to Canada!", though only a few ever follow thru with it... but if you were thinking about it, here's what you do.

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

In the end, very few American's make the move to Canada, and a pretty big reason for it is that Canada... don't want you.

Americans can spend six months visiting Canada with their passport, but for longer than that they will have to get will have to get a permanent residency card. (like a green card, but probably red and maybe a leaf.)

To get a card, you have to prove you will be good for the economy... really good job, start a business, investing, etc...

After 3 years, you can apply for citizenship.

This could be a problem, Canada has universal healthcare, so they don't want anyone that is "too sick". Say, someone has Cancer in remission for less than five years, you could be rejected.

Your taxes will be higher...(but you'll have universal healthcare that most find isn't as good as what an employer provides in the states.) Plus, your credit score goes back to zero, so good luck with a house, car, credit card, etc...

Then again, the beer is much stronger.., but then you also have to start liking hockey, and learn some french.

Well, either way you go... Good Luck... or bonne chance!