From the outside looking in, Wyoming is the dream state for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities...From the inside, it's even better than that, it's a hunting, fishing and outdoors paradise!

My love of the outdoors began as kid when he would hunt, fish, camp and enjoy the outdoors with my dad and grandpa's. Since then, my love of the outdoors has only gotten stronger and being in Wyoming is a dream come true.

With that in mind, My Country 95.5 is teaming up with Wyoming Game & Fish, figures from the hunting and fishing world, country music stars and wildlife experts, (all while playing Casper's Favorite New Country) to bring you 'Wyoming Hookin' & Huntin' Outdoors' with your host me, Drew Kirby. Every week you'll get tips, tricks of the trade, information directly from Game & Fish, stories from special guests and hear about the latest and greatest outdoor products.

If there is one thing that many of us can agree on it's the outdoors and we want you to be a major part of the show. If you have questions for game & fish, comments, show suggestions or ideas, let us know.

I want to extend my thanks to you for checking out the show and really hope that you'll come along on this adventure.

The show Wyoming Hookin' & Huntin' Outdoors (WHHO for short) is on My Country 95.5 every Sunday morning at 9am, with many ways for you to listen. You can catch us on the radio or you can listen live on the My Country Mobile App, Alexa, Google Home or Stream at My Country  and as an added bonus, you can listen On Demand on the My Country Mobile App every Monday morning.

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