Few people know exactly what they want to do when they grow up. Often, sons or daughters follow in their parents' footsteps. Sometimes, they are inspired by an event or opportunity they were given in school. One of those opportunistic events is April 30, with the 4th Annual Heavy Civil Construction Career Day.

Oftedal Construction has partnered with AGC (Associated General Contractors) of Wyoming and Natrona County School District to offer a day at which students, teachers, and members of the Casper community can learn about opportunities in heavy machinery careers.

If your son or daughter is interested in learning how to operate machines such as dozers, blades, haul trucks, dump trucks, excavators, scrapers, and many others, this event will be right up their alley.

The men and women who operate heavy equipment daily are behind some of Wyoming's largest and most important projects, including mine and site reclamation, railroad grade construction, street & highway projects, and other work vital to Wyoming's progress and future.

The Fourth Annual Heavy Civil Construction Career Day will be held at the AGC of Wyoming office, 2220 Bryan Stock Trail, Casper, on Tuesday, April 30, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. To ensure precision and efficiency, the company utilizes the latest technology, including GPS, drones, and digital photography, which will also be available on-site for attendees to explore and learn about.

Want To Learn How To Operate Heavy Machinery In Casper?
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Opportunity is knocking, and this could be the boost your kid needs to figure out their plans for the future. Don't let it slip away.

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