Last Wednesday night, I was privileged to take in an awesome Dierks Bentley concert in Douglas in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Wyoming State Fair. Good times! Even better was the privilege of taking in some of the "legends" of Country - Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers, as they opened for the "Dierkster." It was at the fairgrounds that Larry opened up with a little invitation. By the way...Happy Birthday Rudy!

Apologies for not having any great photos. My "Don't You Know Who I Am" routine failed to impress the security sticklers in Jackalope City, and therefore I had to return to my predetermined bleacher in section P Minus, and from that distance the stage lights are the star.  But you know's all good. You see, it's not what you see, it's what you hear...and I heard awesomeness!

Aside from the fact that Larry hasn't lost one bit of that golden voice, and when he lends it to his brothers' instrumentation and powerful and sweeping harmonies, you can't help but be moved - he also has a brand new song. It's called Johnny Cash is Dead and His House Burned Down (both of which are true - I checked), and it's on their brand new album, Pilgrimage.

And you know what? The song is good! Really good!! It's also a fitting tribute to not only Johnny Cash, but to scores of other country greats that we've lost over the years. Just listening to its Rockabilly feel and great hook will make you love the song. Paying attention to its poignant lyrics will make you immediately understand that this song is a wonderful metaphor for what many believe is a decline in what is considered great music.

I'm really not here to debate. I just love Johnny Cash. Plus my wife said this would make a great story, and if I don't agree, things tend to get a little ugly around my place. :)

Anyway, Larry is really proud of the song and he said if you go to his website and download, he'll try to make it up to Johnny in some way. I'm excited to see what that way is so let's do this! He had a great story that he shared that goes along with the song. You can read about it here. Then listen to, and download the tune!

That's me...always tryin' to help a Gatlin Brother out!