There is a legendary creature called the dogman. He's normally associated with a different part of the country, but there are two new reports here in Wyoming and they're quite a tale.

he realized it was a creature around 7 1/2 tall with black and tan fur "straight out of hell"

According to WIkipedia, a dogman is a 7-foot-tall creature that is a mix between wolf and human. It's a common legend in the upper parts of Michigan. It has a wolf howl, but also a human scream. Those Endless Mysteries just shared 3 new dogman stories on YouTube. The first one is from Colorado and the other two are here in Wyoming. I've done you a favor and set the video to begin at the Wyoming part. You are welcome.

The first story is based out of Boulder, Wyoming which is in Sublette County. The witness said the encounter happened 8 years ago, but the date is every inexact. It happened around 2 am when a very large dog was seen traversing down a slope. He was in a truck going 35 to 40 mph with the creature keeping pace with the truck running in a ditch. He estimated the height at around 8 foot tall with black fur and a white muzzle.

The 2nd sighting in his stories is way more recent. It was reported from November of 2020. The narrator said he trusted the source of the story. The eyewitness said this encounter happened on an old country road in Wyoming after 11 pm. He was driving and saw what he thought was a person walking up ahead of him. The closer he got he realized it was a creature around 7 1/2 tall with black and tan fur "straight out of hell". He said the beast had red glowing eyes and huge canine teeth. He claims to have hunted all around the country and has never seen eyes like this one did. To outrun the animal, he had to get his vehicle up to over 55 mph. He did not reveal the exact location where this happened, just that it was "in Wyoming".

Do you believe there is such a thing as a dogman or are these stories the result of a vivid imagination? The truth is out there.

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